Here are some of the Chihuahua Items I am parting with .My Husband is getting ready to retire from his job of 37 years and needless to say we need to cut back on the stuff we have around here .I have been collecting Chihuahua stuff for over 40 years .Have been breeding and showing Chihuahua's for 35 years this year .Its been a long time and I have a lot of Chihuahua things I will list them here as I dig them out of the closet .
If you have any questions about an item please ask ..
Shipping on jewelry is $9.00 priority mail ..
I do take paypal but please email me first to I can give you the total with Price-ebay fee and shipping .

Sterling silver Pendant (no Chain)
Smooth Coat Chihuahua
Sterling silver pendant(no chain)
Sc chihuahua in a show stack ( both sides)
Sterling Silver Long Coat Pendant(no chain)
Sterling silver long coat chihuahua pendant ( no chain) playing with a red jade ball really a solid charm
Sterling silver Smooth Coat chihuahua pendant (no chain)
Sterling silver Long Coat Chihuahua Pendant ( no chain)
Sterling silver Long Coat Head Pendant with bone hanger .
A heavy full body sterling silver Long Coat Chihuahua.Beautiful pendant(no Chain)
Sterling silver Smooth Coat Chihuahua Pendant ( no Chain)
Playing with a red jade ball
Mirano Glass Long Coat Pendant(no chain)
Hard to photograph but it is really beautiful.
Bronze  Smooth Coat Chihuahua on a sterling band ... Custom made  ,Size 7
Beautiful ring .
Smooth Coat Chihuahua in a show prancer Tac Pin ..Really a striking solid sterling pin .
# 13
Long coat chihuahua in a show prance tac pin
Sterling silver really beautiful.
# 14
Long coat Sterlng pendant ( no Chain) with bone hanger .Beautiful full body charm
Sterling Silver Coin Pendant ( no chain) just a bit bigger than a dime  really pretty
I got it for my 18th birthday
# 16
Full body small Sterling Silver long coat chihuahua Pendant ( no Chain)
# 17
14 KT Gold I Luv my Chihuahua's pendant  with bail very detailed .
# 18
Full body Sterling silver smooth coat in a show stack  pendant ( no chain)
# 19
Sterling silver smooth coat chihuahua head pendant
# 20
Smooth Coat Black and tan White Mkgs Pin .
Painted to look like my old Champion Romeo .
Beautiful pin ..
# 21
Sad little Smooth Coat Chihuahua with his paw in the air .Pewter pendant(no chain)
Cute as can be
# 22
AKC Ribbon has a CD on it  Beautiful Coin Pendant (no chain)...Sterling with enamel . About Nickel size .
# 23
Sterling silver Smooth coat chihuahua in a show stack  really a nice pendant(no chain)
# 24
Beautiful good size pendant with a smooth coat head and a topaz stone in the bail.Sterling silver
# 25
WOW is all i can say about this pendant .Photos do not come close toshowing how detailed it is ..A ribbon with And Aquamarine stone and below it a little smooth coat chihuahua prancing out .Sterling silver Pendant ( no chain)
# 26
Cute Pekingese with Clear Crystal eyes .Beautiful little pin
# 27
Porcelain pin with 3 Chihuahua heads Really cute . About the size of a quarter .
# 28
Smooth  chihuahua head show ring clip ( holds your number)
# 29
Carved Rainbow Quartz rock  Pendant ( no chain)with smooth chihuahua head carved into it ... Really beautiful .
Bigger than a quarter size wise
# 30
Pawprint ring clip ( holds your number)
# 31
Little blue ribbon that say BEST IN SHOW, clip it to your keyring or purse strap .Just adorable .
# 32
Cute little gold plated  smooth coat chihuahua pendant (( no chain) really adorable perfect for the little girl that loves chihuahua's .
# 33
Beautiful custom made ring clip i had it made at one of the vendors from a photo of the dog i was showing at the time .What a neat way to hold your show number ..You can not tell how nice it is from a photo .
# 34
Cute little paw shaped pin that say I LOVE CHIHUAHUAS!
# 35
Sweet little long coat face on a tile made into a pendant .on a black silk cord .Really adorable .
# 36
Little smooth coat chihuahua with a t-shirt and hat on .Enamel painted really cute .. Perfect for a little girl that loves chihuahua's .
# 37
Long coat chihuahua tac pin .(2 pins on back)
It is pewter and good size ...
# 38
A beautiful smooth coat chocolate & white chihuahua on lace agate  pendant(no chain)
# 39
Sterling silver Long coat chihuahua in a show stack pendant
(no chain)
# 40
Sterling silver smooth coat chihuahua in a show stack full body pendant ( no chain)
# 41
Cute little polymer clay lapel pin Chihuahua angel .
# 42
Lapel pin I LOVE DOGS-DOG Lover and a little Sterling paw print.Really adorable
Beautiful Seed bead  Chihuahua Coin Purse  Really different . If you ove the breed you will love this work .
Come back often and check the inventory as I am cleaning out closets I will be adding dog related items ...........
#45 SC Chihuahua HEarts pin $30
#46 Cream LC tack pin $12
  #47 LC Ring Clip Pin $15
#48 SC Blk&wh Earrings $25
#49 Pewter LC FEATHER PIN    $65
#50 Sterling Silver Jade Pendant SC $75
#51 Sterling Silver Custom Made SC Ring Size 7
$ 52 Tan & Wh SC Pendant  $10
#53 SC Puppy Tile Pendant   $10
#54 LC Pair Ring Clip pin   $20
# 55 Yorkie Ring Clip Pin $20
#56 Cell Phone Charm $10
#57 LC Ring Clip Pin $20
#58 First Place Ribbon Charm $8.00
#59 SC Locket with chain $35.00
#62 Blk &tan LC Pin $25
#63 Show bag with and adorable chihuahua on the front of it ...
Size is 17 x 11 x5 lots of room . Slip pocket on the back ** perfect to put the show cataloge in** a net pocket inside as will as a zipper pocket  has a full zipper top ...
$40.00  ** i paid $55 for it at a show last year and have yet to even use it !!
Stonewashed Denim Barrel Bag ...
White long coat chihuahua head on the front with rinestone flash and smooth coat black & tan on the back side of the bag .
It is an open barrel type bag no pockets it hold lots !!
11 X 7 X 3 is the sixe ... Full zipper top .
$35   I paid much more it was custom made .