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Devine Miss M
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CH Wilderness Lambrigini
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Sms WeeRuhls' Cujo Dancer-L & Also
Grandview Mi Amor

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Kis'n Blueberry Babe Pedigree
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Ch Certif For Lavida N Jr's In the Fast Lane
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Bred by : Lavida Chihuahua's
Owned by Lavida Chihuahua's
Pedigree for Heidi, Click it to enlarge ..
Novak's Cinderfella Pedigree
Pedigree for Novak's Cinderfella(CHUBBERS)
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Text Pedigree for Ch. Sunset's Jerry Springer

                     +--- Ch. Dartan's Elfin Magic
                +--- Ch. H & J's Mystic Wizard
                |    +--- Ch. H & J's Blue Impy
           +--- Ch. Ouachitah Beau Chiene
           |    |    +--- Ch. Dartan's Yogi Bear
           |    +--- Ch. Dartan's Super Star
           |         +--- Dartan's Mazie
      +--- Ch. Onlyone Ouachitah Storm Cloud
      |    |         +--- Eng. Ch. Belmuriz Royal Romance
      |    |    +--- Ch. Royal Piper Of Belmuriz
      |    |    |    +--- Teabrook Polka Dot Bikini at Grayco
      |   +--- Ch. Ouachitah Taranzzia
      |         |    +--- Ch. Ouachitah Midas Touch
      |         +--- Ouachitah Marietta
      |              +--- Ouachitah Highland Heather
  +--- BISS Ch. Am Can Ch Regnier's Onth' Edge of Sunset[5.5 LBS]
  |    |              +--- Ch. Dartan's Pirate Blackbeard
  |    |         +--- Ch. Jo-el's Meet The Press
  |    |         |    +--- Thurmer's Little Jayma
  |    |   +--- Ch. Jo-el's Hot Off The Press
  |    |    |    |    +--- Yeosinga Hiawatha
  |    |    |    +--- Dartan's Sweet Charity
  |    |    |         +--- Dartan's Lollilop
  |    +--- Regnier and Pittore Clivia
  |         |        +--- Ch. Pittore's Macho Man
  |         |    +--- Ch. Pittore's Wild Winter Man
  |         |         +--- Pittore's Flamenco Dancer
  |         +--- Pittore's Wild Wendy Dugger
  |              |    +--- Ch. Pittore's Saber Dancer
  |              +--- Ch. Pittore's Zenobia Dugger
  |                   +--- Dugger's Rowdy Girl
Ch. Sunset's Jerry Springer[5.5 LBS]
  |                   +--- Ch. Bayard Alvin of Reginald RJR
  |              +--- Ch. Bayard Banner of Alvin
  |              |    +--- Baynard Seattle Sue of Flint
  |         +--- Lee-Ty's Chance L.C. Hampshire
  |         |        +--- Ch. Varga's Gold'n Teddy Tijuana
  |         |    +--- Ch. RJR's Shane Ubiquity CD
  |         |         +--- RJR's Velvet of Marble
  |    +--- Sunset's Dennis The Menace (8 Ch)[2 LBS]
  |    |    |         +---
  |    |    |    +--- Ernst's Hoppy Ringo
  |    |    |    |    +---
  |    |    +--- Sunset's Negra E Blanca Nina (Am/Can/SKC ptd)
  |    |         |    +---
  |    |         +--- Ernst's Senorita Edna
  |    |              +---
  +--- Ch. Sunset's Peggy Sue[4.5 LBS]
      |              +--- Wandez Snapper
      |         +--- Hilltop's Don Chip of Mine
      |         |    +--- Hilltop's Dona Lolita
      |    +--- Am Can Ch Sunset's Chocolate Double Dee[5.5 LBS]
      |    |    |    +--- Hilltop's Don Quede Patron
      |    |    +--- Hilltop's Dona Holly Lynn
      |    |         +--- Hilltop's Donya Rosalina
      +--- Sunset's Marci[5 LBS]
           |         +--- Komo's Ta Amo
           |    +--- Ch. Komo's Tao Monte Rey Rayo
           |    |    +--- Komo's Cole Conga
           +--- Hampshires Sable Colby Komo
                |    +--- Sir Cocoa #9
                +--- Austin Little Teina
                     +--- Little One #29

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Santanna's Pedigree
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Saturn Magik Spark's Pedigree
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Hello and thanks for visiting the pedigree page ,I am still working at getting the pedigrees online, thanks to a computer crash where i lost quite a few it is taking longer than i had hoped , If you dont see the pedigree you  want here email me and i will try and get it to you .. Thanks for your patience .. Sue
Laddy & Millie Pedigree
Pedigree for CH.Dobbs Golden Gladaitor(Laddy)
& Mollie J Morsel
Freckles ped
Little Freddie's Freckle
katie jo
Katie Jo Zeo's Pedigree
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Nods & Bernard Litter Pedigree Click to enlarge
Baby Ben Pedigree
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Bonnie & Manly
litter pedigree.
Pedigree For Mi-Lee
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Rosie's Pedigree
Nikiah's PEdigree
HUrds A Rasin HEck *HEctor*
Tony Pedigree
Wildcat\'s Mitzi C Kiwi
Cream & White SC
Cam\'s Golden Kiwi CH Cams Buttontop Beau Ch ouachitah Bravisimo Ch Minegold Take Alook  
CH Only One Ouachitah Cricket  
CH Cam\'s Cover Girl Ch Kecan\'s Sweet William  
Kecan\'s Apache Princess  
Cam\'s Delta Dawn Ch Charming Chi\'s Shenandoah Ch Mina\'s City Slicker  
Ch Charming Chi\'s Flicka  
Cam\'s Awesome Blossom    
Cam\'s Yellow Rose  
Wildcat\'s Zena Marie Mystery Spice\'s Seminole Sprit Rojo Binito\'s Durango Spice Alorna\'s Rambo Rojo Bonito  
Rojo Bonito\'s Flaming Feather  
Spice\'s Seminole Wind-s Dobbs Diablo De Aztec  
Aztec\'s Tina of Llano  
Tresner\'s Isabella Wildcat Fiesta\'s Relampago Poco Blanco Chipworth Mighty Smidgen  
Akdn Kris-mus Kandy Kisses  
Fance O\'Toole Tresner\'s Boogaloo  
Trota Cocoa  
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Yeshua\'s Chances Are Hurd\'s Taken a Chance        
Hurds Amaryllis Glow Ch Donavin\'s Tommy Gun Of Hurd Ch HUrd\'s Golden Tomahawke  
Donavin\'s Merry Antoinette  
Ch Neben\'s Jessica of HUrds Ch Neben\'s Solid Gold Solo  
Hurd\'s Jane  
Yeshua\'s I\'m Amanda Too-L Joker\'s Honey Bear Lacey\'s Jalwood Jocker CH Ouachitah Beau Chiene  
CH Jesara Blue Iris Of Jalwood  
Ida Mae Larcey\'s Jalwood Jocker  
Gnal Brown Sugar  
Yeshua\'s Lil Grand Duchess-S Cozy Creek\'s Dandy Duke ODG Bliss Beu Derricks Love ODG  
Will O Wisp Peppercorn ODG  
Cozy Cr Amansa Ann Yeshua-L Ch JC MIlky Way  
Deb Dan\'s Phauna Blue Of Cyd  
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I\\\'m to Flashy For My Pants
Canadian CH. Wilderness Lambrigini
Fawn SC
Wisherwoods Making Trouble Ch Wisherwoods the Warlock Ch Wisherwoods Magician  
Wisherwood Miss Mida\'s  
Wisherwoods Here Comes Trouble Ch Wisherwoods Headliner At Brecon  
Ch Wisherwoods Black Magic  
Wisherwoods Oksana CH Wisherwoods Scarmouche Ch Kelly Dee Cruise Control  
Wisherwoods Trouble Shooter  
Ch Wisherwoods Tia Maria Ch Kelly Dee Cruise Control  
Ch Wisherwoods Kahlua  
Geis Bridget
Mira\'s Call Me Brandy
Red SC
Call Me Mr De Chann-ell Sasanataba Bunny\'s Rosco  
Kivox Karla  
Mira\'s Chocolate Kiss
Ch Sedlak\'s M-Lee\'s Boo Too Beniu  
Mira\'s Jade Princess  
Taza De My Main Event Magic
Jen-Jeans The Main Event
Brindle SC
Ch Jo-El\'s Chili Knight  
Fletcher Merry Target Kandee  
Sedlak\'s Hey I\'m Shime Koko Pop
Brindle LC
Sedlak\'s Hay I\'m Breezy Bil Jack  
Craig\'s Choc Puf Kus  
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Bertha  (Female)
LIL Buddy (MALE)